Episode 1 - 23 Sep '19

The Future of Foodservice with Simon Stenning

Simon Stenning is a strategic advisor to the foodservice industry and author of 'The Future of Foodservice 2025-2030' report. In this podcast episode, Simon shares insight from the report and talks about his view of the future of foodservice.

Foodservice marketing manager, Sarah Robb alongside podcast co-host, Karen Fewell from Digital Blonde met up with Simon to discuss his insight over a delicious lunch at The Crown Hotel in his home town of Stamford. He reveals what he's been working on at www.futurefoodservice.com which highlights some fascinating trends to help everyone working in hospitality. In the podcast Simon, Sarah and Karen also explore what 2019 has looked like for our industry and in the years ahead.

Simon also reveals some of the major changes he's seen in foodservice over the last five years including consumer behaviour, food experiences and the channels and operators we eat and drink out within. Consumers are also eating differently with a rise in vegetarian and more recently, vegan diets.

Sarah Robb explores how quick it is for London trends to reach other areas of the UK with Simon addressing the importance and speed of digital channels for new trends to escalate. During the podcast, Simon also touches on the challenges for the UK hospitality industry in 2019 whilst highlighting success stories with clear examples of what a successful foodservice business looks like.

How can you adapt your hospitality business to meet consumer demands? You will be able to pick up some top tips by listening to Simon's words of wisdom.

What's his prediction for next year? Be one of the first to hear Simon's views on the flavours from around the world that we will all be enjoying more of in the coming months and years.

The work that Simon does allows you to make strategic decisions based on credible analysis and extrapolation of key industry and consumer trends into the future.

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