01 Jul '20

Drive sales by providing cook at home kits alongside your in-pub offering

Cook at home kits have seen an increase in popularity during lockdown. This is an idea you could try in your pub and our foodservice team has put together some recipes to get you started. You can download and print these and give to your customers with your own ingredients.

Research carried out by St Guys and St Thomas’s Charity and Bite Back 2030, a healthy eating charity, found that a third of children and young people said they had been cooking more frequently during lockdown. Researchers found 60% of young people thought enjoying more family meal-times together was positive for their health and wellbeing. Young people in the study said they wanted to keep having meals together after the lockdown lifted.

Creating your own family meal kits is a way of increasing revenue for your pub as some of your regular customers may not feel ready to dine out yet but still want to enjoy a hospitality experience and support a local business. All the recipes are simple and easy to make and can involve the whole family. One of the hardest parts of these kits is kneading the dough but this is good exercise!

McDougalls Cheese & Tomato PizzaYou could also add some of your favourite toppings or try folding it to make a Calzone.

McDougalls Tomato & Olive Ciabatta - Another option is to make small rolls and add some grated cheese before baking.

McDougalls Scone and Clotted Cream Create different flavours by adding some dried fruits such as sultana or cranberries. A touch of mixed spice makes a nice twist too.

How to make your own kits

• Make sure you've got all the correct packaging so that any sauces and oils don't leak.
• When creating the recipes, we used 2oz and 4oz pots and lids for all the accompanying ingredients and plain bags for the McDougalls bakery mixes.
• Everything was put into a bag with a handle and flat base so they can be taken away easily. 


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