16 Oct '19

Eight reasons to get involved with Bisto Together this autumn

This year we are running a new initiative for pubs, schools and care homes, known as Bisto Together, which aims to bring people together over food. We are encouraging chefs and caterers across the UK to get involved and it can bring many benefits to both your organisation and the people who live within your local area.

Make sure you shout about your event on social media and use the hashtag #BistoTogether throughout the build-up and on the big day.

  1. Government research revealed that 44% of the UK has felt lonely at some point in their lives. Bisto Together is getting people out of their homes and connecting them with other people they may not have met otherwise. You could be part of creating new and life-long friendships.
  2. The key aim of the Bisto Together initiative is to unite your community. You can’t beat some community spirit to bring people together and generate positivity. Invite a variety of guests from all walks of life from local school children to residents at a nearby care home. Seeing everyone come together in your venue will feel extremely rewarding and worthwhile.
  3. Organising events is lots of fun for both you as the host and all your guests. We recommend you plan some games for the event which not only serves as an icebreaker, but your guests will enjoy getting involved in something a little different. Our official Bisto Together kits include a quiz and colouring sets for kids which you can use. We think it’s time to put down the technology and have good old-fashioned fun and games.
  4. You can create a positive local PR story which celebrates the fantastic work you are doing to help your local area. Our toolkit includes a template press release which you can edit for your own event and send to the local media. Invite them along to join in the event, but if they can’t make it then take plenty of high-quality pictures and some quotes from people who attended so they can do a follow-up.
  5. Holding an event is a fantastic way of bringing in new customers who may not have visited your pub before. Showcasing the amazing work you do will drive more awareness of your business and could lead to repeat sales, new school pupils or care home residents in the future.
  6. A Bisto Together event provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the delicious food you are serving every day. You can’t beat traditional good food that will provide comfort to your guests. They may well come back and try your food again one day.
  7. Some of the best memories in life are made whilst enjoying food with people we care about and by inviting groups of friends, you can play a key part in making some special memories.
  8. The first 50 pubs, schools and care homes to register a Bisto Together event will receive a special toolkit which will include recipe ideas, bunting, table talkers, posters plus table games as well as a template press release to help get the word out in your area.
To register a community table in your venue, you should email sarah.robb@premierfoods.co.uk. All those who register will be sent a free sample of Bisto Gravy Granules to help with their event.


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