28 Jan '21

How does Marvel help chefs in the care sector with menu planning?

Naturally rich in calcium, Marvel has fantastic effects on both macro and micro-nutrient replenishment, boasting significant levels of calcium and vitamin B12. This product has been fortified with vitamins A and D, helping to generate a stronger immune system and a healthy inflammatory response. As a low-fat, high protein product, Marvel skimmed milk powder is incredibly versatile and suitable for use in solid and liquid formats. From breakfast to supper, it’s a great way for care caterers to meet nutritional requirements and maintain nutritional status.

Have you downloaded the free nutritional guide?

To help care home chefs and caterers we created the Marvel Fortification Guide. This is packed with information as well as nutritional advice, new ideas and recipes. We’ve made this freely available for everyone working in the care sector to download. Our team love chatting to our customers about how they are using our products within their menus. Sophie Murray, Head of Nutrition and Hydration at Sunrise Senior Living, uses our Marvel skimmed milk powder regularly. Sophie told us: “Having used Marvel skimmed milk powder for over a year now, we are continually impressed with its nutritional properties and versatility in helping us fortify food and drink for our residents. One of the key things that stands out for me is its protein content, which is substantially higher than many other fortification products. This means that even as a simple protein boost it is an ideal ingredient. A high number of older people may struggle to maintain their weight or can lose weight for a number of reasons. A protein enriched product can help them to stabilise or regain this. Alongside its other nutritional benefits, with added vitamins A and D, it is certainly a product I would recommend to other healthcare operators.”

How does Sophie use Marvel for care home residents?

One of the simplest ways Sunrise Senior Living use Marvel is to enrich milk which can then be added to tea, coffee or cereal throughout the day. They also use it within mashed potatoes and in cake baking for example. We gave them a number of recipe ideas using this product, as well as the Marvel Fortification Guide. This includes incorporating the ingredient into lasagne, macaroni cheese and cottage pie. With operators so busy and kitchens having a lot to navigate in the healthcare sector, inspiration such as this is extremely helpful to broaden your mind. Cheese scones is another recipe they use from the book and it helps them to have enriched versions of snacks they know are true favourites. We absolutely love how they add ‘marvellous’ into the name of products where they have used Marvel, so that staff know these are fortified items.

Sophie added: “To have one single product fortified with protein, vitamin A and D and calcium all together has such relevance for us and the sector in general. It is particularly effective where you may have residents who prefer, or require, soft foods as opposed to meat products for example. Of course, people require a variety of proteins, but this can give residents’ diets a real boost. On our winter menu, we have added a ‘marvellous’ hot drink which has gone down a treat. Particularly in the current climate, the food and dining experience in healthcare is getting the attention it truly needs right now and it’s important that we respond to it with nutritious food and drink that is both tasty and rich in nutrients.”

If you would like more information about Marvel or to request a free sample, please get in touch via our social media channels @PremierFoods_FS on Twitter and Instagram or via Facebook.

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