01 Feb '20

Make the most of every meal with Marvel

Marvel skimmed milk powder is a delicious alternative to fresh milk. Naturally rich in calcium, it contains less than 1% fat and provides your customers with vitamins A and D.

Download your free Marvel Fortification Guide which is packed full of recipe ideas.

Understanding fortification

Fortification of food and drink products is common in the UK with some being mandatory. Example of mandatory fortification is calcium, iron niacin and thiamine in white wheat flour. Some of the products which are voluntary fortified include vitamin D in breakfast cereals.

Both mandatory and voluntary fortification has a significant impact in helping address specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Marvel dried milk powder has fantastic beneficial effects on both macro and micro-nutrient replenishment. In addition to the milk powders naturally significant content of both calcium and vitamin B12, this product has additionally been fortified with vitamins A and D. This is a low-fat, high in protein product that is versatile for use and suitable in different solid and liquid formats from breakfast to supper. It meets many nutritional requirements and helps ensure maintenance of nutrition status.

How does Marvel improve health?

Vitamin A, which is fortified in Marvel, supports the functioning of a healthy immune system, important for those in institutionalised care. This vitamin will also help clients in the maintenance of healthy skin and normal vision. Calcium requirements increase in the later years of life. Ensuring these needs are met will help maintain bone density in clients and potentially reduce the risk of fractures after falls due to a higher bone density. A good calcium intake will also support the maintenance of normal muscle function.

Vitamin D deficiency is very common in both older adults and clients in care homes. Vitamin D intake should be encouraged to recommended levels as it’s an important vitamin to ensure the absorption and utilisation of calcium, supporting the health and maintenance of bones and teeth. It also supports the normal function of a strong immune system and a healthy inflammatory response. The naturally high content of protein in the Marvel dry mix will help ensure protein needs are being met for your customers. The macro and micro nutrient replenishment and versatility of Marvel makes it an ideal product to be included as part of weekly meal plans, helping boost nutrition levels throughout the entire day.

New bigger pack for foodservice

Due to demand from those working in foodservice, we have created a new 2kg bag of Marvel as well as revealing a host of new recipes you can make when you download our Marvel Fortification Guide. Recipes range from butternut squash and bacon soup to steamed honey and ginger sponge.

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