18 Jun '21

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with recipes from Bird's and Marvel

To celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July we are sharing our ice cream recipe book with the healthcare sector. It is packed full of delicious ice cream flavours which can be made using a combination of Bird’s Ice Cream Mix and Marvel.

Why use Marvel in your ice cream?

Fortification is important in the health and care sectors. Elderly people sometimes experience unexpected weight loss. This could be a side effect of medication, loss of appetite or down to a chronic or physical illness. A good diet is not about simply increasing weight through fat and calories. A fortified diet high in protein is better because it will help:

·       Improve recovery, as protein helps to rebuild muscles and other body structures.

·       Maintain health and muscle strength which will aid movement, balance, and agility.

Marvel is a fantastic product to improve the nutritional value of dishes. With Marvel, you get a high protein increase with minimal volume increase and with no notable taste difference in richness or texture. It is fortified with vitamins A and D, giving added health benefits to elderly people. Vitamin A helps with the immune system and vital organs. Vitamin D is synthesised in the body, a process which diminishes in old age, and so supplements are required for good health.

What’s in the recipe book?

All the ice cream flavours are easy to make and with Bird’s you only need a bowl and a whisk. There’s no need for specialist ice cream making equipment and no need to churn or mix during freezing. Once made, it takes just three hours to freeze which is very useful if you are managing limited freezer space. You can make it the day before or even on the same day it is needed, so you’re not filling up your freezers with lots of long-term ice cream storage.

All chefs and caterers enjoy the practicality of the Bird’s base product so that they can personalise their recipes. The base element of this product is one of the reasons it works so well in many kitchens. The flavour possibilities are endless; the only limitation is your imagination.

Our chefs have created the following recipes to get you started but we know how creative chefs can be, so we’d love to hear about your own ideas.

·       Vanilla ice cream

·       Strawberry and cream ice cream

·       Chocolate ice cream

·       Neapolitan ice cream

·       Toffee Apple ice cream with oat crumble

·       Mint chocolate chip ice cream

·       Coconut ice cream

·       Cherry ripple ice cream

·       Peanut butter ice cream

·       Coffee ice cream

·       Rum and raisin ice cream

·       Irish cream liquor ice cream

·       Banoffee ice cream

·       Lemon meringue ice cream

·       Jammy dodger ice cream

·       Lemon curd, poppy seed, and pistachio ice cream

·       Tia Maria and chocolate ice cream

·       Ginger beer ice cream

Download the recipe book

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