Main Meal

Irish Stew

Prep: 20 minutes Cook: 2 hours Serves: 10 Print


1.25g lamb leg, diced
125g Marvel Milk Powder
1 bay leaf
5g parsley
2 litres water
35g Bisto Vegetable Bouillon Paste
750g potatoes, Maris Piper, peeled and turned with trimming reserved
250g onions, large dice
250g celery, large dice
250g Savoy cabbage, shredded
250g leeks, washed and sliced
250g button onions


Please check the ingredients declaration on the products you use making this recipe.


1. Place the lamb in a saucepan, add a bay leaf and the Marvel Milk Powder, cover with the measured water and Bisto Vegetable Bouillon and bring to the boil and simmer gently with a lid on for 45 minutes.
2. Add the potato trimmings, diced onions, celery, shredded cabbage, sliced leeks and button onions, mix in and simmer gently, lid on, for another 30 minutes.  Remove the bay leaf.
3. Add the turned potatoes and simmer gently, lid on, until just cooked.
4. Adjust flavour and seasoning by mixing in the bouillon paste as appropriate and skim off any fat.

Chef Tips
If the meat is not tender after cooking allow for an extra 30 minutes cooking before adding the vegetables.  Adding milk to the recipe is an Italian method designed to sweeten and tenderise the meat in cooking and will add additional protein.  The water will initially become milky, but clears throughout the cooking process.  If the water reduces too quickly in cooking, add a little more as appropriate.  Bisto Beef Bouillon can be used as an alternative to Bisto Vegetable Bouillon.
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